Virtual Design Dog Park

Matti Lahtinen, a Metropolia student, is adding the finishing touches to his creation, the virtual Design Dog Park. The idea is to enable people to enhance their experience in the dog park with the mobile application that also includes all the design elements. Also, as a kind of “by-product”, a browser-based 3D model has been created, which means that you can visit the place on-line where ever you are. The browser version is already in operation.

How did this come to be?

The Media Technology and Media Engineering programs of Metropolia include different initiatives in the field of mobile technology. Halfway through January, we met with people from Artova to discuss an initiative called “Urban creativity”, and we sat down to think what kind of projects would be interesting for both parties. We settled on two topics: virtual, mobile design dog park and a mobile version of an earlier project called “Home Town Path”.

As a teacher, my next mission was to find the right students for these initiatives. In what follows, I’m accounting for the progress of the dog park project. A sufficiently lucrative ad for the older students, interviews, and then making the choice. After a week or so, Matti Lahtinen and I signed a contract of employment. Matti was motivated and he had experience useful for this project.

There were a few meetings in February and March when Matti showed his progress on the mobile application. After Easter Matti told me that the original technical platform that we had chosen wasn’t flexible enough in order to make a smoothly running mobile application. Luckily enough, Matti had a plan B up his sleeve, and he switched the technical platform – and ta dah! – on the 17th of February, we had a working demo on the new platform and, to top it all off, also the “by-product”, the browser-based virtual dog park. As the teacher here one can only smile: this is exactly how an engineer should work – an engineer develops solutions to problems.

In the beginning of May we should have pretty much completed the applications for smartphones and browsers.


Kari Salo – teacher of mobile media



Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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