Town plan concerning the dog park location to be late

kuva: Timo KirkkalaI asked to be updated on the progress of the town plan draft at Helsinki City Planning Department. The plan has to cover the whole surrounding park area as well, and it has to be completed before the rest of the project and construction can proceed.

The department was quick to reply: “The department is currently working on the town plan. The plan will probably be delivered to the planning committee as a proposition. The plan has to cover an area larger than the drafted dog park, which is why the plan has to comment on traffic and parking arrangements, the current reservation of a plot for a public construction as described in the master plan of the area, and the border zone of Vanhakaupunginlahti Natura area, among other things. Unfortunately, bigger projects have taken priority, and this particular plan is behind schedule. We are trying to pass the plan to the committee in February 2012.”

“The location of the dog park should be clear. The Helsinki City Planning Department and Public Works Department representatives visited the site and reached a tentative agreement on the location. In the master plan, the site is reserved for a park area. I would thus like to suggest that the planning department and the PWD met to discuss the topic, so that the park planning could start as soon as possible after the turn of the year.”

And so we wait. Meanwhile our plans for Design Dog Park are proceeding slowly but surely.


Gammel Dogs Association / Anna Vaihia


Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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