Long time, no see. I thought I’d give you a little update of what’s going on with the dog park initiative. Or at least let you know that nothing has really happened since the completion of the draft version of the dog park plan.

We left for “summer holidays” in rather optimistic spirits, mainly because we believed the local detailed city plan that has hindered our progress would be finally finalized in the autumn 2012 and reach committee hearing in October. It was reasonable to assume this much from Tero’s interaction with the city.

Now, I thought to ask how things were proceeding in that end, and the answer was more or less this: “It will take until next year.” Well, our work group won’t be there to see it from the Design Dog Park initiative point of view. Currently, we’re wrapping things up, and the only positive thought is the presumption that the experiences we’ve had will be put together and analyzed so that a lesson will be learned and the experiences will be useful to somebody. My current goal is to at least take care of the task we have promised the WDC organization to do: to document how the project proceeded. It’s useless to hope that we could have anything concrete on the meadow during this design year.

I hope the dog park eventually gets built, the city has, after all, put some money into the planning process… not to speak of the copious hours of work put in by our volunteers – designers, residents, association members and students, who would all have earned some sort of a reward or thank-you.

What remains to be considered is how to terminate the initiative and to distribute our experiences.

Anna Saarnisto / Gammel Dogs Association



Translated by Pigasus Translations.

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