The new volunteers

This autumn has seen some new people joining our Artova Kino team, which is rewarding. It shows that Artova Kino is viewed as the kind of movie club new people want to be part of doing and developing.
We, the old team, have been thinking what would be the easiest way to welcome the newcomers to what we do. The ideal situation is that the volunteer feels at home with what he does and does it for himself and based on his own interests instead of working for someone or something else. One of the rewarding aspects of Artova Kino is that the motivation to participate can be simply the opportunity to show, choose and see movies that you can rarely catch in Finland. On the other hand, the routines we’ve developed with everything make us a less open group than we used to be. It was partially because of that that we decided to start this season off by re-assigning some of the roles and made a point to plan the programs together. How to get rid of the idea that there are the old hands and the newbies and there’s an according hierarchy? It’s true that the old hands know how things are done with Artova Kino but the newcomers might have ideas and skills that we could really use in the team. Our activities should be the sum of everyone involved.
On the other hand, an enthusiastic volunteer often sees her workload grow out of proportion, which leads to the motivation evaporating. We must always remember that we’re not here to develop volunteering practices, we’re here to run a movie club. Poring too much over one’s own working methods is often time away from one’s primary reason to be involved in the first place.
The most crucial moment must be when a new person joins the team. Perhaps it would be good if each new Artova Kino volunteer told, maybe even broadly, about their interests. That way everyone could think together what part of the project would incorporate the tasks most interesting to the new guy.


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