The great impacts of small things

Where did the time disappear? My work trial is about to end and I can’t help but feel blue. This turned out more or less like we had anticipated: six months is enough to just get to know the people and the Artova initiatives, and then it’s suddenly time to go. It has been particularly nice to be here doing the work trial because co-ordinating the Spirit of Artova has been my day job instead of something that one would have to do in addition to a full-time job and taking care of one’s family. Furthermore, as I haven’t been here as a hired employee or an intern, I’ve been allowed to take it easy: I’ve had time to stop and listen to others, time to help the Kääntöpaikka visitors with little things, time to have conversations with Artova actives about the spirit of the times. Time to ponder whether urban agriculture is something to be pottered about by hipsters or could it have a greater significance in building a better world…

I wouldn’t have found this job this rewarding if I hadn’t seen a greater significance in all of this. It makes a great difference for a person’s well-being if she can feel that she has a place in the community and that she can influence her environment. In my opinion, the malaise that has increased in the society is strongly linked to how easy it is to become isolated within one’s own flat. Bad conscience doesn’t ensue for littering a neighbourhood that doesn’t feel like yours and it’s easy to turn your back to anonymous neighbours. I was all but jumping from glee when I heard that after Arabia Street Festival the residents of a building had picked up the habit of greeting each other. For all my heart, I would like to thank all the volunteers and employees of Artova for this most educating period of six months, for the superb input they’ve provided for fostering an urban, humane and lively city culture, and for strengthening, for your part, the faith this irredeemable idealist-hippie has in a better tomorrow. Thank you for everything.


Minna the co-ordinator


Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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