The concept for My House Arabianranta is up for grabs!

You can make local residential buildings and their architects known to locals and visitors alike by making use of the My House concept developed by Artova (=the Arabianranta, Toukola and Vanhakaupunki district association) during World Design Capital Helsinki 2012.


The initial plan in the Spirit of Artova initiative group was to create a free-to-use concept for six projects/events that would be based on self-direction and spontaneity. The volunteers would have the power to use the working methods they see fit and can pull off without any special skills, and the projects would look like the volunteers behind them.


My House Arabianranta project was to be turned into a tested event concept, and the organizational process will be made into a visual model. Residents all over Finland could then use the tried concept in their own region.


In the first year, 2012, My House Arabianranta featured about half a dozen houses and action nearly through a week: there was singing, sanding, guided tours, drawing workshops, photo exhibitions, and much more. All activities were enjoyable but, from the project leader’s point of view, a simpler program could also tell the stories behind the houses. In addition, had the co-ordination be done a bit differently, it would have been possible to organise the event a bit more effortlessly.


So. What was, in the My House Arabianranta leader’s opinion, valuable in the event, what are the minimum expectations for the following years – given that there are eager volunteers?

  • an opportunity to have face-to-face discussions with architects about different design solutions and how the building came to be, and to pose them questions and offer ideas
  • brightening up the common areas of the houses, having open doors and home tours
  • having residents of the event buildings as event organizers and guides to their home buildings
  • having the event take place during weekend
  • having local partners


Reports of other lessons learned will probably be updated during the following weeks in the blog. The blog entries are analysed, and the working processes of the projects will be made into an analysis and a model. The development of common areas and neighbor activities in the event buildings continues, and the light of the percent for art principle will shine on buildings beyond Arabianranta. Are you already familiar with the story of your house?


A graphic designer helped Artova to create the event a visual look and the name My House Arabianranta, but everything else can be freely used, including the operations model that has been introduced in this blog piece by piece (a visual model is to come!).


Off you go, looking for funding and partners for your own kind of My House event in your own home district!

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