Spirit of Artova

Spirit of Artova tells the story of exemplary neighbourhood collaboration in the districts of Arabianranta, Toukola and Vanhakaupunki in Helsinki. Thanks to efforts by the neighbourhood association, the districts’ residents, workers, students, associations, businesses and schools have become active participants and players.

The area has developed an atmosphere of openness, thanks to which all participants can make decisions relating to themselves, formulating everyday design for themselves and for others. This has created a sense that the area belongs to those who live and work in it.

The neighbourhood association is now placing its operating model in full view, for application by other organisations. The self-governed and independent neighbourhood activities can be made visible through repetition and replication.

The operating model is explicated through three projects and three events. The first event was a large-scale recycling and street art event from May 2011. In September 2011, AFF, the Artova Film Festival, will bring together students and staff from audiovisual education with professionals from the field and the general public. The film theme will continue in September 2011, when Artova Kino reactivates a local film club.

The “My House in Arabianranta” event series will reveal the histories, raisons d’être and special characteristics of buildings in Arabianranta. “Edible Arabianranta” is a cultivated environmental artwork designed by MA students from Aalto University School of Art and Design. The “Design Dog Park” project will follow the design and planning of a dog park that will reinforce the design spirit of the eastern city centre, which has already attracted international attention.

Spirit of Artova is organised by the Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki Neighbourhood Association.


Entire Programme:
Janne Kareinen
tel. 045 631 6516
email jannekareinen@yahoo.com

Edible Arabianranta:
Anna Oksanen
email anna.k.oksanen@gmail.com

Design dog park:
Anna Vaihia
Gammelin koirat
tel. 044 290 0023
email annavaihia@hotmail.com

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