Publicity meeting 19.4.2012

Meeting 19.4.

WDC materials
Finlayson Arabia – Saara
Oljenkorsi – Saara
Visibility with WDC


Otto Maja
- big wall will be painted entirely
- we need 50 euros –> Janne
- inform the police
- backpack mail
- single-family home association
- Arabia’s logo

- the first large-scale painting operation of a façade/wall in Helsinki
- who owns public space?
- volunteers and citizens take over Arabianranta
- is YLE Puhe coming?
- Ylen aikainen –> Nelonen
- bulletin to Arabia company today


- Kaisa L. never replied
- Noora S., Timo Wt., Jan Z.


Niko ja Tapsa
Puppa J.


- artistic face-painting
- on Hämeentie Street


More stages?
- we’ll just draw them with chalk


The city youth department can’t loan us a van.


- Saiffa’s confirmed
- forums

Cleaning Day
- Janne will update the map for Cleaning Day


Logos to go on the poster
- World Shop made a reservation, if they won’t hop onboard, we’ll ask Fair Trade


Dialab sent us the info that will go on the banners
- how to fasten them in place, punctured vinyl


Logos and symbols so that people can print them
- roll-ups
- fences that close off the street(s)
- 2 big banners to stretch across Hämeentie – small wind load


Updates online
- Buffattu-related updates –> Maria
- list of others on the intranet
- dance-related things –> Kirsi
- single-family houses
More questions on Facebook?
Facebook event –> Kirsi
Search engine optimisation
Bulletin to all partners
Tour de Lippa
Stadin aikapankki (Community Exchange System)
forum publicity through Basso Z., registrations to the intranet


Holvi products
Group Sourcing – support products, a shirt and a bag
- delivery after the event
- 5 euros: a badge
- 25 euros: a bag
- 50 euros: a bag and boxer shorts
- 150 euros: embroidered Reino shoes


Max Sport guy
map ready by 26.4.
2.5. map info

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