Minun_Taloni_juliste_A4Our posters turned out ever so handsome! It’s so nice when you’re out and you can spot them here and there, giving the electrical enclosures a bit more cheerful look.
Don’t think, though, that they would pop up on their own! Well, they did, actually… in the sense that they were designed, logos and all, by Tero Juuti, a most skillful graphic designer. But it was us, the volunteers, who got together to decide on the text, find out about different printing options, order the prints and spread them around Arabianranta.
This time we started of a bit too slow with all of this. Summer, you know. Losing track of time. Being busy. Night. And when we had put this thing off long enough, phenomena such as inexperience and human error manifested themselves. Firstly, making the payment was difficult! A whole lot of trial and error, chatting with online help, queuing on the phone, sweating tears. By the time we had finally managed to make the payment (using a credit card), cancel the previous order and file a new one, the option for extra speedy delivery with our affordable press was no longer available. Our order was late, and the posters took a day longer to come than promised.
Normally you’re supposed to spread posters outside two weeks before the event and then put up some new ones a week before. Our posters didn’t see the light of day until half a week before… I suppose practice makes perfect?
So, we received the fine, shiny posters… and they all sported the picture for our flyers! The people at the press had got hold of the wrong file and no-one came to wonder why it wasn’t a poster file. Oh well, the ones we have are ok. We did need the intended kinds of posters too, so we had to go to our own printers.
When the song and dance was over and done with, it felt ridiculously easy to punch in the printer security codes and whatnot in Aralis library, where I spent some 30 minutes printing new posters. Especially easy, as there was a lovely, real, live, friendly human being to help me out in stead of a chat. So, now we have these big, A3-sized floppy posters, some of which are already outside. It’s getting dark, and there will be even more of them out by morning – after all the computer-staring nerdiness, a small walk with a friend (and the posters…) feels like a reward!



Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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