Plans and meetings

Airikka met with the art school students today to communicate the wishes residents have for the cultivated work of art. The wishes put forward by the residents were to have areas of all sizes for cultivating, a place for hanging out, a box with a lock for tools and a compost bin. The residents were also hoping that the artwork would become a monument of Arabianranta.

Earlier, Scott Elliott from Aalto University School of Arts had paid a visit to STARA to have a look at the prospective building materials. Because the share of the city in constructing the park won’t extend beyond filling the pit in the middle of the plot and landscaping it with sand and stones, the funds for everything else will need to be acquired from other sources. We are hoping to find enthusiastic supporters for our topical initiative, and a possibility was raised of giving sponsors visibility on-site. Because of the temporary nature of the park, we didn’t want to compel the growers themselves to fund its construction.

Airikka posted a message on the wall of the Facebook group of the project, asking those who would like to take part in the cultivation and to help finding sponsors to send an email to an address specifically created for urban agriculture in Arabianranta.


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