Planning soon underway at Aalto University School of Arts

Before initiating the planning process, Scott Elliott from Aalto University School of Arts met with city officials. In the meeting, they agreed on the following framework for the project:

  • ­Alongside with its function as a place for growing plants, the plot is supposed to serve as a park area and should thus look nice.
  • The city isn’t involved with questions of who is allowed to cultivate the plot, what the cultivation costs and how it’s paid for.
  • The city hasn’t reserved any finances for the initiative. The plans made at the school of arts will include a budget for each of the proposed park plans.
  • The landscaping plan has to be done by the end of November.
  • There shouldn’t be anything breakable on the edges of the plot, as snow from the surrounding streets will be ploughed there in wintertime.
  • In spite of the previous condition, the plan for the park has to cover the whole plot.
  • The city pledges to rent the plot for cultivation purposes for at least five years.
  • In order to keep the greens from contaminated soil, all edible plants including fruit trees and berry bushes have to be placed in containers or sacks.
  •  There is neither running water nor electricity at the plot and the city doesn’t promise to provide those. The current plan is to fetch water from the tap on the wall of the Käpytikka building opposite to the plot.

It’s likely that the installation of any water features such as fountains, channels or ponds will not be permitted.


Translation by Pigasus Translations

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