The opening film of the third ever Artova Film Festival gathered over 120 viewers on Friday September 7th 2012 which was slightly less than the year before. This year the film was preceded by a real treat: a new performance by the Nutty Tarts, called ”Middleclassjazz” which was as much an attraction as the film itself.

AFF’s this year’s opening film was the touching and beautiful ”Even the Rain”. Choosing the film and confirming it were left to the last possible moment but luckily it all turned out well and we still had time to lure some audience to the screening. The topical film, directed by Icíar Bollaín, has won three Goya-awards and was also the Spanish candidate for an Academy Award. The leads in the film are played by Luis Tosar in one of his best roles and always charming Gael García Bernal.

In the beginning of the story a Spanish film crew arrives in the Cochabamaba area in Bolivia to shoot a film about the exploitation of Indians that Chrisotfer Columbus started. The budget is tight so the crew decides to hire local actors and extras to save money. Problems start to arise when the local water supply is being privatized and it creates conflicts. On of the local lead actors is the front man of the protest movement and through him the whole crew gets pulled in.

Even though the film is situated far away from Finland, its themes in their humanity are important to AFF. Who could diminish the importance of local democracy or the equality of people regardless of their wealth. In this film, the rising director talent Bollaìn shows how deep scars exploitation and injustice can leave on people. The theme of AFF 2012, the element of form, is very much present in this film. That is why this was a perfect choice even if the film was confirmed only exactly a week before the opening evening.


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