My house in My House Arabianranta

I was one of the first ones to sign my home building, Posliinikatu 4, up for the My House Arabianranta event. The event had a fresh concept and it seemed exciting. I like the building I live in and I like the Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki district, they make me feel at home. So why not participate and give my home building a moment or two in the spotlight.

My building is a home for many active people who are involved in the affairs of the area and work in different local organizations. The events we have organised in the building usually draw in a lot of residents, and our club room is in active use – it’s used by the residents, and sometimes by the organisations residents are active in, a bit of this and that.

Our resident committee has organised a lot of different events, around Christmas, for example. The committee convened, complimented with a few non-members, to discuss the matters related to participation in My House Arabianranta.

Our newest contact with the surrounding communities is the residents of the new building at number six. The residents of no. 4 and no. 6 visited each other’s club rooms and mingled. Another new contact was the people behind a gallery, run by Kolmas Kerros association, in Hämeentie 135. Kolmas Kerros joined us and put up a drawing workshop. The association’s gallery is well-known in Arabianranta, you can see them doing their thing during the annual culture event Night of the Arts, for example. The artist, Eeva Kaisa Berry, whose work is incorporated in the Posliinikatu 4 building as a part of percent for art scheme and Eeva Lindholm, an artist with Kolmas Kerros association, ran the drawing workshop with great skill, and the resulting drawings brightened the hall for the next fortnight.

The house at Posliinikatu 2 joined the My House Arabianranta event later on in the spring but the residents there are our old friends to whom we have already given a tour of our club room and invited them to join in our gardening bee. The unofficial afterparty was at the club room for Posliinikatu 2 during which there were a few spontaneous guided tours in one or two of the flats as well.
8076750602_6b22e35b42_oThe main event contained a workshop for children, which was an instant success to the extent that we ran out of food even though we had plenty in the beginning. Participation in My House Arabianranta taught us a lot about the planning, design and art involved in the nearby buildings and helped us to get to know our neighbours.

We have fond memories of the event. The drawing workshop was very popular, and the young and the old alike loved the theatrical act by students of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences. As a tip for those planning a similar event: a play is a very good idea.
Keijo Lehikoinen / Posliinikatu 4
Picture by Tapio Rantala.

Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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