My House Arabianranta is on in a minute!

The glorious event, largely organised by the residents of the involved buildings, draws near!

Before I can wrap up this week, though, I need everybody’s help in order to take care of all the chores. I jotted down a to-do list that consists of things we can do in our own time without any particular meetings.

At the moment the most critical tasks are distributing posters, making orders and picking up different materials for next week. The posters remind the locals of important dates; first-hand experience shows that without posters people simply won’t turn up. There are nearly a hundred of us out there, so we should be able to get a whole lot done!

I could take part in organising the event 3.9.–9.9. by… This is taken care of by… And they are helped by…
Spread posters to roadsides and different notice boards (pick up the posters in Kääntöpaikka) 1–3 areas/building
Spread posters: Arabianranta, to south of Kaj Franckin katu, note particularly Toukolankatu Anna / Flooranaukio
Spread posters: Arabianranta, to north of Kaj Franckin katu, note particularly Arabiankatu
Spread posters: Vanhakaupunki (by the rapids, technology museum etc.) Timo /Posliinikatu 2
Spread posters: Toukola, Kumpula, Käpylä, Pihlajamäki
Spread posters: Vallila, Suvilahti and Teurastamo Satu O. Ilkka
Spread posters: Kallio and the area cafés, particularly the surroundings of Helsinginkatu and Hämeentie
Spread posters: Alppila and particularly the area around Linnanmäki, Valtteri and Pasila station
Spread posters: Downtown cafés, Citykäytävä, Viiskulma, Design Forum, Laituri
Spread posters: the areas around subway stations, Kaapelitehdas, Stoa etc.
Spread posters: libraries, participating buildings
Spread posters: suggest a good spot/ Aalto University School of Arts and Design Kati N./Flooranaukio
Spread posters:Citykäytävä, university, the new Kaisaniemi library and around Leena/Posliinipiha 6
Spread posters: Viikki Anna/Brysselinkatu10
Open my apartment for a guided tour, packs of 2–4 cruise tickets for the 15 first
Open my apartment for guided tours, 1–2 apartments/tour: Käpytikka 1–2 apartments ok
Open my apartment for guided tours, 1 apartment/tour: Gunnel Nymanin katu 5 Maarit
Open my apartment for guided tours, 1–2 apartments/tour: Posliinikatu 2 Viki
Open my apartment for guided tours, 1–2 apartments/tour, Posliinipiha 6 Marketta&Lauri
Open my apartment for guided tours, Flooranaukio 1/Lontoonkuja Annika (Päivi, Anna, Taira) Sanna-Mari
Open my apartment for guided tours, student housing/Rörstrandinkatu 3 Jere, Essi Anna
Open my apartment for guided tours, 1–2 apartments/tour: Posliinikatu 4
Open my apartment for guided tours Brysselinkatu 7 & 10 Anna Sissu
Write texts for the event pages (description of one’s own building, information for the audience concerning parking, baby buggies etc.) and suggest translations or specifications for those that already exist Leila/Gunnel Nymanin katu 5
Photo and text updates for the facebook pages of the event about preparations and program Leila/Gunnel Nymanin katu 5
Organise how to pick up a Taikalyhty festival tent and take it to Kääntöpaikka, we’ve gotten a permission Leila/Gunnel Nymanin katu 5
Come to Kääntöpaikka to make signs (print, glue on cardboard) in Sunday afternoon Anna/Flooranaukio
Volunteer to be a chauffeur using your car for potential deliveries A 3.9.–9.9. Leila/Gunnel Nymanin katu 5
Volunteer to be a chauffeur using your car for potential deliveries B 10.–16.9. Leila/Gunnel Nymanin katu 5
Volunteer for interviews as an Arabianranta resident and a participating event organiser Leila/Gunnel Nymanin katu 5
Translate texts on the event pages into Swedish in this order of importance: info, house presentations, program, current news, want to volunteer Ritva/English ok

In addition, everyone can
• write short blog posts about how you’ve felt living in your home building or participating in organising My House Arabianranta
• take photos of the next house meeting and share the photos on Flickr
• take handsome pictures of buildings, people and Arabianranta life in general and share the pictures on Flickr

And finally: the event is now also on Facebook. Click to participate and invite your friends and colleagues, too!

Without further ado, let’s get our game face on! We can enjoy the fruits of our efforts in a bit over a week.

Looking forward to the event,

Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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