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The power of volunteering is in the energy that is created when motivated people get together to work for a common cause. These people share an idea or a theme, a source of inspiration or the joy of knowhow. Sometimes they just want to have fun without any greater uplifting, turn the everyday into a celebration just because, like was done in the Big Recycling Event and the parties of Kallioliike.

The importance of thanking people is emphasised in volunteer work. The wearied boss somewhere might still think that work in itself is the best reward for the worker and it’s paid in any case, but saying “thank you” has a great importance in motivating volunteers. The volunteer lets his heart decide the task he undertakes and gives his most valuable thing for common good: time from his life. It’s difficult to put a price tag on such a gift, and a volunteer doesn’t do so.


Gratitude can be shown also in the form of gifts, training, “thank you parties”, medals or trips. What’s most important, however, is to say “thank you” and to express gratitude openly to the people who have earned it. Thanking might be a personal occasion but there are often suitable situations for expressing the sentiment before a crowd. Sometimes a volunteer can also be paid a monetary reward for his work. The monetary reward can’t be the foundation for volunteering, however, but it should be more of a grant-like consideration. It’s necessary to go through with the volunteer at the start what volunteering in our organisations encompasses, what responsibilities and rights his tasks involve.


As the editor in chief of Kuohu, every time I’m recruiting a new contributor, I tell him about the principle of volunteering with us: you do the magazine for the fun of it. No-one is getting paid, but we thank each other in the form of contributor parties. People usually understand this. Over a period of four years, there have been maybe a hundred contributors, some of whom have volunteered on several occasions. It warms my heart that this allows Kuohu to function as a community platform on which every world-improver is invited to leave his mark. At the same time we’re also documenting the history of the area. I thank you all!


There is still room, join us. The idea of Kuohu is to be a lively, multi-faceted publication to which anyone can offer their skills. Including people who live outside our area. Be in touch, if you are interested in participating in the co-creation of a district and culture magazine. We’ve already finished the movie-themed issue 3, but you can still offer stories to the last issue of the year, for example about the My House Arabianranta initiative. Suitably enough, home and home living are the themes of the issue. Be in touch: kuohu.toimitus[at]gmail.com





Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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