How the world heard about AFF in 2012

When it comes to communicating about the festival to audiences, press and all other interested parties during AFF2012, there were triumphs, failings and some unfulfilled potential due to lack of time.

In condense AFF press team utilized internet a lot, especially social media and pages when it comes to communicating directly to audiences. Since a month is in most cases too short time to build cooperation with most print medias and television, in AFF2012 their share of gained publicity was very small. Instead many online publications did took on the press releases we sent and some followed AFF very closely.

What went well? During AFF, the social media (Facebook and Twitter) raised its following very well. For example the follower count on AFF Facebook passed 500 during the festival period. A lot of attention to AFF on the home area brought the Kuohu-magazine’s film themed number with AFF logo on cover. The publicists’ team was also very pleased for several mentions on web pages and on movie magazine Episodi’s web pages.

There were no huge dramatic fails when it come to AFF publicity but there were challenges with time. Like I already mentioned, starting the active communication only a month before the actual happening was a way too short time for most important print medias to get interested in AFF and also for TV channels it was too narrow window and also too close to Love&Anarchy festival.

Since AFF is a growing festival, its marketing and communications will be changing in the upcoming years. The most important areas to develop in the future are scheduling the communications process better and starting it earlier, preferably already before summer. Also more effort should be put into building publicity through partners and sponsors.


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