Hopes for the support of Kennels Union

Towards the end of summer, I contacted Helsinki Region Kennels Union (HRKU). I wanted to ask if the union could give a consulting hand in the planning phase of Design Dog Park, especially concerning the safety of dogs and the practicality of the fence.

I told them that our initiative had potential to affect on a wider scale and bring about improvements in the safety, functionality, pleasantness, design and stimulating qualities of dog enclosures by making use of the co-operation with the city and funding from our commercial sponsors. Subject to improvement could be, for example, lightning, fence materials, notice boards, gate models, furniture, stimulating elements, shape of the enclosure, shape and features of the terrain, facilitating the upkeep (litter bins, equipment), etc.

Helsinki Region Kennels Union is the most important party the Public Works Department asks for a professional opinion when writing the rules and instructions concerning dog enclosures. This is another reason why co-operation with a professional party that enjoys the city’s trust would be important to our project.

HRKU answered our enquiry, saying that they are willing to take up the matter in their meetings. They also suggested that Gammel Dogs Association (largery in charge of the project) would apply for the union membership. Gammel Dogs concluded to apply. The application was sent in YESTERDAY!


I hope that we continue co-operation with the kennels union!


Gammel Dogs Association / Anna Vaihia


Edit: 27.1.2012

Gammel Dogs Association was accepted as a member association, yay!


Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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