Grower meeting at Aalto University School of Arts

Scott and his students gave a presentation to the future growers of what lies ahead. Of the 46 people who had signed up as growers some 20 turned up. The plan is to cultivate in concrete rings of different sizes that the city has promised to donate. The plot will be covered with forest floor and bark chippings, and the current plan is to have fruit trees, berry bushes, a pergola, tree trunks for benches and a (donated) shed for tools.

After presenting the plan, there was discussion on some questions that have been raised earlier. The growers should participate in the construction work and upkeep of the plot beyond their own cultivation project. There is no money and the forest floor alone costs 4000 euros, which is why everyone was encouraged to give a hand in finding sponsors for the initiative.

In the town plan, the plot is reserved for a new Aalto University building. The cultivation will thus be of temporary nature and the growers aren’t therefore encouraged to fund the project excessively.


Translation by Pigasus Translations

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