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Our Design Dog Park project caught the eye of the biggest national newspaper, Helsingin Sanomat, who contacted us to settle a good time for an interview. We decided to meet the journalist on the snowy Pornaistenniemi field where the dog park is supposed to be constructed. (more…)

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I was assigned the task to use common sense and simple maths to estimate roughly how much time the members of Gammel Dogs Association have collectively put into the Design Dog Park project, and how much it would be in cash.

After some thinking, I settled upon the model described below, where the cumulative work amount consists of five different levels that each approximates the number of people and their input:


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Markus Sokolnicki

First things first: it was so much fun! The “warm up” on Friday and then Saturday were a success in spite of the low temperature, and considering the schedule and available resources.

The Design Dog Park initiative attracted the interest of the media. Radio Helsinki did an interview in their morning broadcast 2.2.2012. The hosts had some tricky questions but I suppose we passed with flying colours. Tero uploaded the interview on-line, feel free to download and listen to it: (in Finnish). Of the ample supply of the WDC Weekend, the Design Dog Park drive had caught the eye of a few popular bloggers. In addition, Helsingin Sanomat called in the morning of the event and wanted to know how dog park initiative with the city is getting on. It was great and of course a bit baffling to find this many people who were suddenly interested in combining design and a dog park. And of course: this is much-needed publicity for the project and will (I hope) be noted in the Public Works Department so that they’ll give us a substantial role in the designing process. (more…)

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“Talking is the way to settle things”, goes the old saying that encompasses a whole lot of wisdom from the generations past. This was the dominating thought when we met Lotta Suominen from the investment office of the PWD 26.1.2012. (more…)

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The Public Works Department of Helsinki sent me an email. In it, the messenger of the department writes: “we have finally some clarity about the dog park initiative and about how the planning and construction will be done.” Sounds good. Promising.

Then, as I continue to read, I can see drops of cold water being poured on my enthusiasm. At first, the writer apologises if the city has “led you to understand that the dog association can affect the planning process to a large extent”. The message continues: “The thing is, however, that the dog enclosure in question is an investment project of the Public Works Department and it hasn’t got a WDC status for us. Therefore, we are not treating it as a WDC initiative but as a regular dog enclosure instead, which is why the planning and construction will proceed according to the regular procedure.” I see. Back when we were writing the application for WDC, we contacted the city and asked about the possibilities of co-operation. They approached the idea positively. (more…)

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The future dog park will spark a multitude of thoughts and feelings amongst the area residents. Will the barking of dogs be carried all the way to my flat? Will every dog owner clean up after his/her pet? Or will neglect to do so even in the enclosure, so that there will be a mountain of poo? Will the dogs be always on a lead when outside the enclosure? Will there be more car traffic in the area? Is the enclosure going to spoil the landscape of Vanhakaupunginlahti Bay?

For those who have just settled here in the district, the news of a dog park can come as a surprise. Maybe it’s a good reason to sit down every now and then and think what the dog enclosure and its use will mean for the environment, the surrounding residential area and those who live near-by. Maybe it would also be a good idea to emphasise the duties and responsibilities that are linked to the dog enclosure. (more…)

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The active participants of the dog park initiative met in a club room to discuss and assign up-coming tasks.

Sami Niiranen had been in contact with the schools of the area about the design of the park. Two students from Metropolia had been in touch. It was agreed that Sami would reply to them, find out a bit more and if they would turn out to be what we are looking for, we would meet them as soon as possible. Anna promised to put together an information packet about the project for the potential designers, and Tero promised to turn that into a brief summary.

There was some discussion over whether to introduce the working team members in the blog. Anna has prepared a template for anyone to use for their own introductions.

Tero has been in contact with potential sponsors. Anna has been in touch with Helsinki City Planning Department who have let us know that the local plan won’t be ready before spring 2012. This in turn made us wonder once again whether our dog park will ever see the light of day. It seems that it won’t be done in time for WDC Helsinki 2012.

Fuelled with disappointment we started to brainstorm a pop-up dog park in anarchistic spirit. We would need an enclosure that is easy to put up and put away in different locations in the city, depending on where a dog park is needed. We also discussed trash design and the option to make use of the city’s U6 workshops to build the design elements of the park. We also gave some thought to the relationship and differences between design and functionality.


Translation Pigasus Translations.

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kuva: Timo KirkkalaI asked to be updated on the progress of the town plan draft at Helsinki City Planning Department. The plan has to cover the whole surrounding park area as well, and it has to be completed before the rest of the project and construction can proceed.

The department was quick to reply: “The department is currently working on the town plan. The plan will probably be delivered to the planning committee as a proposition. (more…)

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Can’t deny it would have been better to get cracking earlier on… but as my old Finnish teacher used to say: “rather late than never.”

In order to find a designer, we have approached three schools: Aalto University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences and Lahti University of Applied Sciences, of which the last replied right away, that they receive enquiries on a daily basis, and it’s difficult to motivate students to make plans for projects that can’t promise them a reward. (more…)

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One sunny Sunday afternoon, the Design Dog Park section of Gammel Dogs Association met at Restaurant Dylan for a situation report. In this meeting, we went through the progress we’ve made and what are the short-term and long-term plans on the road to getting Design Dog Park come to life.

A lot has been done, and we’ve made contacts to several places. Gammel Dogs association has decided to become a member association of Helsinki Region Kennels Union in order to get expert assistance in our endeavours to have a dog enclosure. (more…)

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