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I decided in May to ask our contact person – who has been managing the ‘design dog park’ on the behalf of the Helsinki city construction department – three core questions:

- has the area plan been approved?

- when is the construction aimed to begin?

- are there any estimations on when the project would be completed?


I got the following reply ”After the area plan has become final [ i.e. it has the required legal approval ], the case will be managed by the general board of treatment. The construction work could begin over the summer and the project should be completed this year”.

In the same dialogue he also confirmed that no changes has been made to the plans [ which we have been contributed to ].


So what should one think of all this?

At least we should be thankful for getting a fast and unambiguous reply. However, regarding the area plan approval progress, I wouldn’t be as hopeful. At this writing, July of 2013, no news has come to my attention, which would have confirmed that the ‘design dog park’ case would have done a significant progress, if any. My personal estimation is that the area plan, which has been lacking approval for several years, will be legally final by the end of 2013, and, the construction work will begin around spring of 2014.


We will keep on following moderately how well the city officials are able to work on the project, which seems to have been stuck rather badly in the cogwheel of red tape.

This said, the only thing we can do at this point is to ask again and again, until we finally can report of having succeeded, thus having been confirmed that the construction will begin.



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As the end of the Design Dog Park initiative is drawing near it’s time to jot down some experiences gathered along the way. To make this easier, our working group has put together lists of advisable and unprofitable courses of action.


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Long time, no see. I thought I’d give you a little update of what’s going on with the dog park initiative. Or at least let you know that nothing has really happened since the completion of the draft version of the dog park plan.

We left for “summer holidays” in rather optimistic spirits, mainly because we believed the local detailed city plan that has hindered our progress would be finally finalized in the autumn 2012 and reach committee hearing in October. It was reasonable to assume this much from Tero’s interaction with the city.

Now, I thought to ask how things were proceeding in that end, and the answer was more or less this: “It will take until next year.” Well, our work group won’t be there to see it from the Design Dog Park initiative point of view. Currently, we’re wrapping things up, and the only positive thought is the presumption that the experiences we’ve had will be put together and analyzed so that a lesson will be learned and the experiences will be useful to somebody. My current goal is to at least take care of the task we have promised the WDC organization to do: to document how the project proceeded. It’s useless to hope that we could have anything concrete on the meadow during this design year.

I hope the dog park eventually gets built, the city has, after all, put some money into the planning process… not to speak of the copious hours of work put in by our volunteers – designers, residents, association members and students, who would all have earned some sort of a reward or thank-you.

What remains to be considered is how to terminate the initiative and to distribute our experiences.

Anna Saarnisto / Gammel Dogs Association



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The headline of a bulletin of Local Plan Division under the City Planning Department was promising: The local plan of Pornaistenniemi and a draft of changes to the local plan are now complete.

The speed doesn’t exactly make your head spin.

For our Design Dog Park, it’s of vital importance that the local plan becomes operative because nothing seems to proceed until the necessary stamps are on it.

The Gammel Dogs pondered yet again how far we still are from the actual construction phase, and whether the train was moving at all despite the flamboyant headline.


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I come from a background of working on various types of projects at Metropolia, creating websites for the school’s WebTV show, to working with Espoo City museum to create a visual interface to run with one of their exhibitions. I’ve also done a lot of experimentation with 3D graphics, and have run a small business in the virtual world of Second Life under the alias Matti Deigan. (more…)

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Matti Lahtinen, a Metropolia student, is adding the finishing touches to his creation, the virtual Design Dog Park. The idea is to enable people to enhance their experience in the dog park with the mobile application that also includes all the design elements. Also, as a kind of “by-product”, a browser-based 3D model has been created, which means that you can visit the place on-line where ever you are. The browser version is already in operation.


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It’s here, the dog park draft made in collaboration with the city designers and the Design Dog Park working group. Feel free to go see the plans and comment them. The comments must be left with the project manager by the 20th of April.


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SketchJust as it was starting to feel like the planning of Design Dog Park was at a stand-still, we were contacted by two local interior architects, Marika Häkkinen and Joonas Huhta, who wished to put their skills at our disposal.


Consequently, I organised a small free-form planning session at my home in Arabianranta. The pleasant architects took a seat on the carpet where there were, in addition to my dog, a few members of the Gmmal Dogs Association, who share an interest in planning the dogpark. We had a snack and discussed the functionality of the current dog parks that are planned with the “city’s official standardisation” in mind. We also talked about the most conspicuous shortcomings of dog parks. We pondered together what measures we should take in order to be able to plan a design-y dog park that the city would, standards or no standards, be willing and capable to erect.


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As settled in the last meeting with the Public Works Department, we were invited to attend a planning meeting at the department 16.2.2012.

There were a lot of people in addition to our three representatives. Tomas Palmgren, project manager of investment office, chaired the meeting. There were also the office manager, region planner and the project leader of this initiative, all of who have been in touch with us in the past, and finally the purchasing contract planner consultants from Vireo Oy. (more…)

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Let your voice be heard! We’re looking for ideas and opinions from dog owners, those without a dog, area residents, residents of other districts, those enthusiastic, those not so enthusiastic… everyone!

Let us know what you think here.


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