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When it comes to communicating about the festival to audiences, press and all other interested parties during AFF2012, there were triumphs, failings and some unfulfilled potential due to lack of time.

In condense AFF press team utilized internet a lot, especially social media and pages when it comes to communicating directly to audiences. Since a month is in most cases too short time to build cooperation with most print medias and television, in AFF2012 their share of gained publicity was very small. Instead many online publications did took on the press releases we sent and some followed AFF very closely.

What went well? During AFF, the social media (Facebook and Twitter) raised its following very well. For example the follower count on AFF Facebook passed 500 during the festival period. A lot of attention to AFF on the home area brought the Kuohu-magazine’s film themed number with AFF logo on cover. The publicists’ team was also very pleased for several mentions on web pages and on movie magazine Episodi’s web pages.

There were no huge dramatic fails when it come to AFF publicity but there were challenges with time. Like I already mentioned, starting the active communication only a month before the actual happening was a way too short time for most important print medias to get interested in AFF and also for TV channels it was too narrow window and also too close to Love&Anarchy festival.

Since AFF is a growing festival, its marketing and communications will be changing in the upcoming years. The most important areas to develop in the future are scheduling the communications process better and starting it earlier, preferably already before summer. Also more effort should be put into building publicity through partners and sponsors.


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The opening film of the third ever Artova Film Festival gathered over 120 viewers on Friday September 7th 2012 which was slightly less than the year before. This year the film was preceded by a real treat: a new performance by the Nutty Tarts, called ”Middleclassjazz” which was as much an attraction as the film itself.

AFF’s this year’s opening film was the touching and beautiful ”Even the Rain”. Choosing the film and confirming it were left to the last possible moment but luckily it all turned out well and we still had time to lure some audience to the screening. The topical film, directed by Icíar Bollaín, has won three Goya-awards and was also the Spanish candidate for an Academy Award. The leads in the film are played by Luis Tosar in one of his best roles and always charming Gael García Bernal.

In the beginning of the story a Spanish film crew arrives in the Cochabamaba area in Bolivia to shoot a film about the exploitation of Indians that Chrisotfer Columbus started. The budget is tight so the crew decides to hire local actors and extras to save money. Problems start to arise when the local water supply is being privatized and it creates conflicts. On of the local lead actors is the front man of the protest movement and through him the whole crew gets pulled in.

Even though the film is situated far away from Finland, its themes in their humanity are important to AFF. Who could diminish the importance of local democracy or the equality of people regardless of their wealth. In this film, the rising director talent Bollaìn shows how deep scars exploitation and injustice can leave on people. The theme of AFF 2012, the element of form, is very much present in this film. That is why this was a perfect choice even if the film was confirmed only exactly a week before the opening evening.


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Competition series in AFF has been divided into four groups: under and over 30 minute fiction and under and over 30 minute documentary. The only major rule all of the entries have to fill is a connection to Artova area. It can be a filming location, location of the film company, location of film school, film makers home or basically anything that can prove a proper connection. Both 2011 and this year AFF received approximately 100 entries for the competition.

After the registration time had ended in the spring, all of the films were watched through by a varying group of Artova members and other interested. Their comments and points then were added together to choose those films that progressed to the festival and actual competition series.

This year’s magnificent trio who formed the jury was lead by Mari and Azar who are also behind Artova Kino. The three judges were Olli Sulopuisto, Sami Sänpäkkilä and Reetta Aalto. They awarded the winners and the honorary mentioned under 30 minute fictions and documentaries and the over 20 minute film that this year was a documentary. They chose not to award a long fiction since the documentaries were so outstanding.

In addition, since 2012 was the World Design Capital year in Helsinki, it was agreed to present also a Form-award for best documentary and fiction. Those winners were chosen by Mari Savio and Kari Korkman. The Form-awards were given to films that best represented and illustrated cinematic form.

The competition series jury chose the winners in a meeting, after a long and profound discussion. Due to the huge variety the films represented it was difficult to put the in an order of superiority. The Form-award judges were allowed to communicate to each other but the jury or its leaders did not influence their decisions.


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<iframe src=”//″ width=”500″ height=”281″ frameborder=”0″ webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen allowfullscreen></iframe> <p><a href=”″>Artova Film Festival AFF 2012 traileri julkaistu!</a> from <a href=””>Artova</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a>.</p>


This is only the third AFF ever, which means that to make the festival (and our media visibility) a success we need fully functioning group dynamics and clear-cut allocation of tasks. AFF team interviewed people and chose me and two others for AFF media team. We set ourselves an ambitious goal to achieve better media visibility and make the festival known among professional film-makers.


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Where could we find two superlon mattresses for seats made of pallets

  • We’ll post a message on Facebook. Thickness 7–10 cm, superlon, bring to the community centre + call

Draft of presenting

  • Janne will upload the draft to intranet
  • Everybody will edit the draft, final version by Thursday at 10.00

Nutty Tarts

  • Confirmed
  • DJ Slow will confirm later


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Pirita meets them tomorrow, Pilvi gathers some facts for the website
Responsibility for advertising etc. off our hands, connection to AFF must be visible in publicity

Support products/Holvi
Launch: Fb, Twitter etc. –> Iiris
A machine and opportunity to support the event to the festival itself
Can we get square-shaped badges? Saara finds out
We have new volunteers!

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Meeting on publicity-related matters 13.8.2012

  • Press list
  • on the intranet there’s “medialist-AFF”, found in the emails sent last year
  • we’ll create one big media list where anyone can add names
  • Saara will get three phone subscriptions for us today
  • Translations
    Iiris translates into English
    Sandra from Arcada translates into Swedish –> meeting with Sandra: schedule, texts etc
    Pirita adds Sandra’s contact info to the intranet
  • (more…)

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Pirita, Janne, Saara, Mari, Azar

  • Fabric sponsorship
  • IvanaHelsinki & Marimekko are out
  • Vallila, Nanso, Finlayson, Eurokangas? Pirita will be in touch
  • Festival preview will be shot on Thursday
  • Hans W will inform us on Wednesday whether the cover can be done
  • interviews for StadiTV
  • Kauko L interview done, StadiTV will publish it soon
  • interviews in Arcada 10.-16.8. (more…)

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1) Jury to start short-listing films in the beginning of August (Mari will make sure this week)

  • Jury members: Kanerva C.? Sam P.
  • films can be viewed with a link to the document, afterwards a meeting with jury’s shortlist
  • design award winner will be decided by Mari S. and Helsinki Design Week
  • 3*3 for the judges


2) Spectators for the elimination round? Message to Artova mailing list

  • Short film duration altogether:

fiction less than 30 min 8,50h = 2 nights
documentary less than 30 mins 7,30h = 3 nights
fiction over 30 minutes, 6 films, a bit longer than 3 h = one night for an elimination round

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Job as an AFF producer keeps you busy and brings excitement and variety to your life.

At the moment, I might have too many irons in the fire, and it’s difficult to co-ordinate a mailbox that receives all the emails. I’ve actually lost emails for the first time in my life… It worries me. I’ve now made Gmail the sanctuary of ONLY mails concerning external productions, and the Metropolia box is for productions relating to studies. Does that make sense? We’ll see in a month. I’ll try to update this blog every Friday. Try. The production has hit the ground running, things are proceeding quickly; these are exciting times. (more…)

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