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The Spirit of Artova has been gathering information about self-motivated, spontaneous and self-directed activities. By the end of the year 2012, six separate working groups had written nearly 180 updates describing their projects. This material will be analyzed and turned into a visual, interactive operations model by September 2013. Beta version will be out in June 2013.
The Spirit of Artova realized three concepts: Arabia City Garden, My House Arabianranta and Design Dog Park. In addition, three large events were organized during the initiative: Artova Kino, Artova Film Festival (AFF) and Arabia Street Festival. Over the year 2012 we had some 11 000 visitors and over the duration of the entire initiative nearly double the number.
Six separate self-directed and self-motivated working groups realized the concepts and events in co-operation with several partners. The working groups consisted of volunteers who were mainly residents of the Arabianranta/Toukola/Vanhakaupunki areas, students, employees and others, such as schools, city officials, entrepreneurs and agents in the non-profit sector. Crucial positions were held by 107 people and there were altogether about 350 contributors. The Spirit of Artova is based on co-operation and partners; 89 companies, associations, networks, officials and schools were involved in the projects.
The operational model is officially released in 2013 but it has been introduced to numerous Finnish and Nordic cultural agents and district planners in 2012.
The Spirit of Artova has enjoyed a good visibility in the media. In addition to Kuohu, the local district magazine, The Spirit of Artova has featured in at least fifteen newspapers and magazines, and appeared on two tv channes, five radio channels and thirty virtual newspapers and blogs.
The Spirit of Artova initiative has made the district association Artova a more prominent pioneer of fresh, new city district culture and art forms. Helping people to commit to projects has gained new structural background and strength. Through the projects and events, the Arabianranta district residents and other agents have developed their home district together, in a number of ways, and made it even more their own.

Numbers for Design Dog Park:

working group of 8 people
6 designers (an architect, several decorators, a teacher and a student of 3D mobile applications, a student of design)
4 events (such as a snow dog park)
about 300 visitors
6 partners (Vireko, Neroko, Royal Canine, Pedigree, Helsinki City Planning Department)
media visibility (a broadsheet, a dog magazine, and appearance on tv)
Products: a complete plan for Design Dog Park and a 3D model

Together with the city of Helsinki, a group consisting of local dog enthusiasts designed and conceptualized a fresh, new concept for a dog park that takes into account the comfort of dog owners and dogs alike. The process cast also light on the kinds of problems there are currently in the co-operation between the city, residents and companies.

Pictures by Timo Kirkkala
Numbers for My House Arabianranta

90 residents participated in the organization altogether, 20 of which were particularly active
15 designers (architects, artists), who gave 12 guided tours, and one graphic designer
Nearly 20 smaller events (such as concerts, workshops, exhibitions, pop-up cafés) with about 30 performers and organizers
about 250 visitors
20 partners (such as Design Week, OpenHouseHelsinki, Skanska, Fiskars, Foundation for Student Housing in the Helsinki Region, Urban Creativity initiative of Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Recycling centre, K-supermarket Arabianranta…)
Media (local tv station and newspaper, radio station, a magazine)
Products: a concept that can be used anywhere in or outside of Finland, increased co-operation between neighbors
free of charge for all visitors

My House Arabianranta deepened the relationship between the residents of eight houses and architecture, public art and their own house and turned the contributing groups into communities. The project created a new concept through which the dreams and opportunities envisioned by designers were transferred to the residents. The project was also able to highlight the special features of city planning visible in Arabianranta (shared yeards, roof-top saunas) and explain how these solutions have promoted the birth of communities in the district. The same concept can be replicated anywhere. ( – in Finnish)


Numbers for Aalto City Garden

Working group of 6 people
3 designers and 4 students of design (an art co-ordinator, environmental art, architects)
30 mini allotments
11 partners (such as Fiskars, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority, City of Helsinki Real Estate Department, Aalto University – Environmental Art, University of Helsinki Botanic Garden…)
Media visibility (Helsingin Sanomat, local tv station, Helsingin outset, Vartti, Mtero, Chydenius, Ruokatieto magazine, the local paper, Mingpao weekly, urban gardening website)
Products: A cultivated piece of environmental art, a community of 30 urban gardeners, a concept that can be replicated in other districts and cities.
The gardeners paid their own expenses.

Aalto City Garden, an aesthetic and ethically sustainable, cultivated piece of environmental art, was a project that took off from the idea of area residents. It was realized together with the city of Helsinki and Aalto University School of Environmental Art. Over the course of the project the gardeners came to form a community.

Video (StadiTV, in Finnish)
Pictures by Janne Kareinen

Numbers for Artova Film Festival AFF

working group of 17 people (producers, publicists, film-makers, residents and students)
4 designers (a decorator, two graphic designers, an illustrator)
89 contest films
6 shows
3 supplementary events
24 partners (such as Helsinki International Film Festival, Helsinki Short Film Festival, Heltech AV, Aalto University, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Pop & Jazz Conservatory, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, P. Mutasen elokuvakonepaja…)
Media visibility (newspapers, local tv, several publications for film enthusiasts,, Finnish Cultural Foundation etc.)
About 1200 visitors
No entrance fee

Artova Film Festival AFF was about conceptualizing a local film festival and developing the festival to serve also film-makers ( – in Finnish).


Numbers for Arabia Street Festival

working group of 14 people (a producer, a spokesperson, residents, employees and students)
1 designer (graphic designer)
114 artists (fine arts, dance, music…)
26 yard sales
10 pop-up cafés
7 workshops
3 recycling points
Design Bazar of repurposed goods
5 video photography groups
33 partners (such as Dialab, Comics Center, Pop & Jazz Conservatory, local tv station and paper, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Arabianranta Library, Parents associations Floora daycare and Arabian peruskoulu school, Bookcrossing Finland, Finnish Cultural Foundation…)
Media visibility (national radio station, several city papers, local tv station,,, appearance in a variety of blogs etc.)
about 6000 visitors on the whole

Arabia Street Festival has evolved into the largest recycling and street art event in the Helsinki region. A co-production model based on self-motivation, spontaneity and self-direction has been put together over the course of the process. ASF brings art into unconventional environments and creates a new dimension to the meaning of street art in Finland.  ( – in Finnish)

Video clips

Numbers for Artova Kino

working group of 10 people (film-makers, residents, students)
nearly 20 professionals giving pre-show introductory speeches
27 shows
1 mini seminar about the Artova Kino concept
11 partners (such as Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Finlandsvenskt filmcentrum, Institut Français, Goethe-Institut, City of Helsinki Cultural Office, Finnish Cultural Foundation…)
Media visibility (blogs, national radio station, local and city papers etc.)
about 3000 visitors
Products: the most wonderful film club in all of Finland and the concept for a local film club

Artova Kino created a concept for a local film club. The concept has been introduced in a mini seminar and later in the districts of Kontula, Pikku-Huopalahti, Merirastila and Porvoo, and it has already been utilized in order to start a film club in Oulunkylä. ( – in Finnish)

Numbers for The Spirit of Artova blog

one project leader, directorial group of three, one co-ordinator
4 designers (interactive visualists, a graphic designer, a web designer)
1 web programmer
102 articles (about 180 by the end of the year)
5 partners (Fountain park, Pigasus Translations, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences, Aalto University – Media Lab)
3 main funders (WDC Helsinki 2012, Finnish Cultural Foundation, Artova district association)

Picture at the top by Tuulia Kolehmainen, Heltech AV

Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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Artovan Hengessä on kerätty tietoa omaehtoisesta ja itseohjautuvasta toiminnasta. Kuusi eri työryhmää teki vuoden 2012 loppuun mennessä vajaat 180 projektikuvauspäivitystä. Aineisto analysoidaan ja sen pohjalta toteutetaan interaktiivinen visualisoitu toimintamalli nettiin syyskuuhun 2013 mennessä. Toimintamallin betaversio julkistetaan keskuussa 2013.


Artovan Hengessä toteutettiin kolme eri konseptia: Syötävä Arabianranta, Minun taloni Arabianranta ja Design-koirapuisto. Lisäksi hankkeen aikana toteutettiin kolme isoa tapahtumaa: Artova Kino, Artova Film Festiva AFF ja Arabian Katufestivaali. Kävijöitä oli vuoden 2012 aikana noin 11000 ja koko hankkeen aikana lähes kaksinkertainen määrä. (more…)

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Tervehdys Turusta! Artovan puheenjohtaja Janne Kareinen pyysi kirjoittamaan pätkän Artovan ja Käännöstoimisto Pigasuksen yhteistyöstä. Teen tässä työtä käskettyä. Kaikki alkoi sähköpostilistalle tulleesta viestistä, jossa kuvailtiin Artovan henki -kokonaisuutta ja etsittiin jotakuta kääntämään toteutuksen dokumentointi englanniksi ja ruotsiksi. Kävin vilkaisemassa käännettävää blogia ja vastasin hoitavani mieluusti käännöksen englantiin. (more…)

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What are the ingredients of good co-operation? What are the factors that aid or hinder successful self-directive and spontaneous operation? These are the questions Avanto Helsinki strives to answer by analysing how Spirit of Artova projects and events were organised. Avanto Helsinki is giving a hand in visualising the operation model of Artova and making the experiences of participants easy to approach.

Avanto Helsinki is a research workshop founded in 2012. Avanto Helsinki is for a more open and creative society and strives to create unexpected connections between people and ideas. “Spirit of Artova is a brilliant example of a new and inspiring way to create an urban community. We are very excited to be able to participate in the analysis of lessons learned in Artova and contribute in this way to similar activities being carried out elsewhere in the society,” comments Mariko Sato of Avanto Helsinki.

For further information (in Finnish):


Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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Mistä on hyvä yhteistyö tehty? Mitkä tekijät edesauttavat tai toisaalta vaikeuttavat menestyksekästä omaehtoista ja itseohjautuvaa toimintaa? Näihin kysymyksiin Avanto Helsinki pyrkii löytämään vastauksia analysoimalla Artovan Hengen projektien ja tapahtumien onnistumista. Työllään Avanto Helsinki tukee Artovan toimintatavan visualisointia ja tekee hankkeissa mukana olleiden toimijoiden kokemuksista helposti lähestyttäviä.


Avanto Helsinki on vuonna 2012 perustettu tutkimuspaja. Avanto Helsinki tekee työtä avoimemman ja luovemman yhteiskunnan puolesta ja pyrkii luomaan odottamattomia yhteyksiä ihmisten ja ajatusten välillä. “Artovan Henki on loistava esimerkki uudesta ja innostavasta kaupunkiyhteisön luomisesta. Olemme todella innoissamme, että voimme osallistua Artovan oppien analysoimiseen ja edistää näin vastaavanlaista toimintaa myös muualla yhteiskunnassa.”, kommentoi Mariko Sato Avanto Helsingistä.



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Where did the time disappear? My work trial is about to end and I can’t help but feel blue. This turned out more or less like we had anticipated: six months is enough to just get to know the people and the Artova initiatives, and then it’s suddenly time to go. It has been particularly nice to be here doing the work trial because co-ordinating the Spirit of Artova has been my day job instead of something that one would have to do in addition to a full-time job and taking care of one’s family. Furthermore, as I haven’t been here as a hired employee or an intern, I’ve been allowed to take it easy: I’ve had time to stop and listen to others, time to help the Kääntöpaikka visitors with little things, time to have conversations with Artova actives about the spirit of the times. Time to ponder whether urban agriculture is something to be pottered about by hipsters or could it have a greater significance in building a better world…


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Mihin se aika oikein katosi? Työkokeiluni lähenee loppuaan ja haikeus meinaa hiipiä puseroon. Tässä kävi kutakuinkin niin kuin oli uumoiltu: puolessa vuodessa ehtii juuri tutustua ihmisiin ja pääsemään jyvälle Artovan hankekokonaisuuksista, ja sitten onkin jo aika lähteä muihin hommiin. Täällä on ollut erityisen kivaa olla nimenomaan työkokeilussa siksi, että Artovan Hengen koordinaattorin tehtävä on ollut päätoiminen hommani viimeiset puoli vuotta sen sijaan että siihen olisi pitänyt raivata aikaa kokopäivätyön ja lapsiperhearjen pyörittämisen lisäksi. Ja koska en ole ollut täällä palkkatyössä tai harjoittelijana vaan kokeilemassa työtä, minulla on ollut lupa ottaa työ rennommin. Minulla on ollut aikaa pysähtyä kuuntelemaan ihmisiä, (more…)

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The Finnish Cultural Foundation has awarded Spirit of Artova a 20 000 euro grant from the E. J. Längman Fund.

Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki District Association couldn’t be more pleased for this consideration.  You can view a list of all the grants awarded by the Finnish Cultural Foundation here (in Finnish).


Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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Suomen kulttuurirahasto on myöntänyt Artovan Hengen toteuttamiseen 20 000 euron apurahan E. J. Längmanin rahastosta.


Arabianranta-Toukola-Vanhakaupunki -kaupunginosayhdistys on erittäin iloinen myönnetystä apurahasta. SKR:n kaikki myönnetyt apurahat löytyvät täältä.

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Pyrkiessäni uutena toimijana hahmottamaan Artovaa ja sitä miksi Artovassa työskentely on mielestäni niin kivaa ja pähkäillessäni miten välittää oma kokemukseni eteenpäin, syntyi tällainen miellekartta. Ydinajatuksena on se, että inhimillinen, mahdollistava ja itseohjautuvuuteen kannustava ympäristö motivoi tekemään hyvää. Ja ajatus siitä että pystyy tekemään hyvää, motivoi. :) Viivoja laatikoiden välille olisi voinut vetää loputtomiin,  yksittäisten asioiden tai kokonaisuuksien väliset vuorovaikutussuhteet ovat harvoin yksiselitteisiä. Ajatusten kirjaaminen miellekartaksi mallintaa samalla hivenen ideaa siitä, miten tiedon visualisointi auttaa kokonaisuuksien hahmottamisessa paremmin kuin pelkkä lineaarisesti etenevä teksti. Innostavaa päivää kaikille! (more…)

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