Blogging as a tool for process description in Spirit of Artova

How to make blog entries into a meaningful entity? By making a rough plan, preferably beforehand. And by writing often but little.

One of the duties in leading Spirit of Artova WDC projects that describe the spirit and attitude to work here in Arabianranta, Toukola and Vanhakaupunki was to blog about the twists and turns of process development or management (like group dynamics, activity or agreements). A great deal of blog entries has sprung up for the visual modelling of My House Arabianranta, a project that showcased local residential buildings as a part of Spirit of Artova.

At first, reporting the turning points felt like a useful rule for blogging. However, small achievements were also “turning points” of some sort, and it became difficult to see the big picture in mid-process. Blogging was also surpassed by other activities when there were no compelling deadlines for the entries.

It wasn’t before the end of the year, ten months after the start of the project, that we got clear instructions for making and planning good blog entries in a writing course given by the author and journalist Any Silfverberg and organized by Artova. Anu told us to create a rough plan for the future entries, crafting the central themes into headlines, and leaving some space for new topics that might come up later on. She instructed us to bundle the developments of one topic (e.g. designer participation) and one interesting general theme (e.g. home) into one piece of text.

Anu also gave us a limit for how many entries may be written during a specified period of time, 15-25 entries in total. “Something’s enough” is a nice principle in voluntary work as it feels like there’s always something that should get done or could be done.

Later on, in the Vyyhti project of Metropolia, university of applied sciences, I got to know the concept of weekly newsletter in blogging. It might have been a suitable method for Spirit of Artova: good for limited time resources, light but informative way to record how time was used and the order of different working phases. These days, at work, I put in a few lines each day what tasks or events took up most of the day. Often but little is probably a useful model for blogging as well.

When used and steered correctly, a blog is a handy tool for process description. Spirit of Artova project modelling will probably provide a new, even simpler tool for the use of project leaders. Although, it must be difficult to plan the modelling on the basis of the batch of already existing entries. It should become easier to link keywords when the modelling process has been applied.

Once more, thank you to the Spirit of Artova leader Janne for organising the blogging course and to Anu for the many tips that will be useful in life beyond Artova as well.

Satu Onnela

Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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