Arabia Street Festival is taking shape

The production team of Arabia Street Festival met last week at the community centre Kääntöpaikka. We adopted a new policy that involves inviting only the core production people to the production meetings, by which we hope to keep the focus on the big picture. We want to avoid getting tangled up in details. After the meeting, people seemed to be happy about how much we were able to achieve.


We clarified the responsibilities for the dance and music venues by assigning each to a specific person. We have a great production team and the event, which at first seemed unconcentrated and scattered, is now taking shape. Clarity and simplicity has been emphasised in the design of the website and I love the result. The site looks good and it’s easier than last year to find what you’re looking for (or, well, it WILL be when we get around updating the content :D ). Information about all matters productional, confirmed performers, meeting memos, all that can be found in the wiki-based intranet, neatly categorised.

The festival will get a new visual look that will probably stay the same in the future. I believe that the work we’ve put in this year, making well thought-out publicity and updating the intranet will facilitate the organisation process in years to come. Again, experience shows that writing down central information and documenting the operational model in writing and through visuals is a good idea.


My responsibilities lie with the publicity team. I contact people, draft content for the website, take part in discussion over what efficient publicity means in our case. Arabia Street Festival is made in (almost) whole by volunteers and there are tens of partners. There will be seven activity venues and some of them have more than one activity going on at the same time. I joined the group quite recently, and it’s difficult to take in all this information quickly, process it and write it down again for the website visitors so that it’s easy to grasp.


We’re planning recognisable symbols for different themes (art, recycling, food), a map of the event area and mark-up of event venues (balloons or colorful vanes or banners or something). We’ve also been thinking about having a marked path lead visitors through the festival area in order to ensure people would find all venues – unlike last year. These ideas spring up naturally during meetings and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will be executed. At this point, we have more ideas and plans than concrete things but I’m starting to see the festival forming… and it’s going to be great!


I think that the buzz word, commitment, has been a success, for me at least – I now know too much to be able to stay away next year when the event is being planned again.



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