Arabia Street Festival is finding its form

The production team of Arabia Street Festival met last week at Kääntöpaikka. In order to avoid the conversations being muddled with excessive attention to details and to keep the focus on larger entities, we thought it best to restrict the participants in the team meetings to the key people of the production process. After the meeting, people seemed to be pleased to see how many things were settled.

Areas of responsibility were clarified and we named two people to be in charge of dance and music sections. We have a great production team, and the plan that before had been something of a mishmash of ideas is now finding its form. Clarity and simplicity have been emphasised in the design of the webpage, which I find great; the site is easy on the eyes and the necessary information can be found easier than last year (at least it will be found once we have the chance to update the content  :D ). All the information concerning all matters productional (confirmed contributors, meeting memos…) can be found in the wiki-based intra, neatly organised below relevant subtitles.


The even will have a look of its own that will probably be preserved in the years to come. I believe that the work we’ve done for the event this year, updating the intra, and the thought we’ve put into the visibility and publicity of the festival, all of it will be a great help later on when the event is organised again. Yet another example of why it’s useful to write down relevant information and document the operations model.


My duties have to do with working as a part of the media team. I create contacts, draft content for the webpage and contribute for my part to the discussion of what good communication means for us. The workforce behind Arabia Street Festival consists nearly completely of volunteers, and we have tens of partners. There are seven event locations and some of them feature more than one activity at a time. As someone who has just found herself in the middle of all this, it takes some time to get ahead of everything that’s going on and then to turn that into a form that the visitors will find easy to take in.


We’re thinking of different symbols for different themes of the activities (art, recycling, food), a proper map of the event area and marking the event locations by using balloons or bright streamers or something. We’ve also been thinking about having a signposted route to ensure that visitors will find all of the event locations better than last year. These ideas come up effortlessly in the meetings and I’m really looking forward to seeing how they will be put into practice. As for now, we still have more ideas than actual, tangible results, but I’m getting more and more confident that we’ll have a festival in a few weeks… and a good one, for that!


I think that this engaging employees thing of which I’ve heard so much has indeed worked – I know too much to be able to keep away when the planning starts again next year.


Minna the co-ordinator


Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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