April developments and money, money, money

Airikka has had to step down from co-ordinating the initiative for personal reasons, and she asked me to take on her responsibilities.

Helsinki city landscaped the plot by tipping cubic meter after cubic meter of sand into the pit. The job was completed on the 21st of April 2011. I can’t help thinking how the sand that was tipped over snow and ice will stay put…

Scott applied for a grant with the School of Arts on behalf of the park project, and Artova applied for World Design Capital 2012 funding. Stara is providing the concrete rings (meant to serve as cultivation containers) as well as the tree trunks (to be used as benches). Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) has promised to provide soil, and Arabian palvelut oy and L&T have promised bark chippings for covering the plot. In addition, Leseko is willing to donate a garden shed for tools, and there is a tentative agreement with Käpytikka about using their outside tap for water. Regardless, we still need at least 6000 euros. The forest floor costs 4000 euros, we also need to pay to Stara and HSY for delivery, and buy trees, bushes and gardening tools.

Scott promised to have his students write a leaflet of the initiative both in Finnish and in English. The growers could then give the leaflets to potential sponsors. A plan was drafted that the students will make a hoarding for displaying the sponsor logos on the plot. We’re calculating that the coming design capital year together with a soon-to-be-erected tourist bus stop next to the plot will lure in plenty of sponsors.


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