Another grower meeting at the School of Arts

The second grower meeting at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture saw little participation.

I met Scott at the plot of cultivation the previous Sunday and so knew beforehand about the plans he and his students had made. Stara had promised to deliver fewer than 20 concrete rings but it would still amount to less than one cultivation ring per grower. Furthermore, the donation of a garden shed is now a dead duck. To add insult to injury, the forest floor turned out to be too expensive and it would have required watering several times over the summer. Perhaps it’s for the best: logically thinking, the forest floor wouldn’t probably have lasted on a plot that has no shade whatsoever. Fortunately enough, Helsinki Region Environmental Services Authority (HSY) is willing to donate soil and Arabian Palvelu Oy and L&T are willing to give us bark chippings. Haarajoen Saha has promised to donate the timber we need for the simple, narrow, duckboards-like paths. Association of Useful Plants has promised to donate an unspecified number of plants, but it’s extremely likely that we won’t be able to acquire enough plants to cover the whole plot. It was decided that Scott would buy a variety of clover seeds that will be spread on the plot.

There was still the problem of the cultivation boxes that had to be solved in order to proceed. Even though the people at School of Arts had thought to build cultivation boxes that were in the original plan, we decided to buy pallet collars. Four 80 cm * 120 cm EUR-collars make two cultivation boxes, each with the surface area of a bit less than 2 m2. The growers will pay for the collars out of their own pockets; the price will be incorporated into the rent they pay to Artova.

The soil and bark chippings will be delivered next week, and it was thus agreed that a park-building bee will be organised both on Monday and on Tuesday (23.–24.5.) from five to eight.

In the course of time, it has become clear that not everyone of all those who emailed us about wanting to cultivate will take part after all and that a one-time fee of 50 euros would probably be too high for many.


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