AFF2012 film categories

There are four categories for AFF films: 1) documentaries, duration less than 30 minutes 2) documentaries, duration over 30 minutes 3) fiction, duration less than 30 minutes 4) fiction, duration over 30 minutes. The only rule carved in stone was that each film had to have a link to the Artova district. Any connection that can be verified was acceptable: some of the scenes were shot in Artova, the production company (or, in the case of students of film, the university) is located in Artova, a member of the production team lives in Artova… This year and last, we have had approximately 100 works coming in.

When the deadline for sending works had passed, each film was watched by a group of Artova people and others who took an interest. We used their comments and scores they had given to choose the works for the festival categories.


This year, the AFF jury was chaired by Mari and Azar, who have also been working on another project of the district association, Artova Kino. The other jury members were Olli Sulopuisto, Sami Sänpäkkilä and Reetta Aalto. They chose the AFF award-winners and commendations to the best less than 30 minutes long documentaries and works of fiction and the award for the best long film (which was a documentary). This year the award for the best work of fiction wasn’t given out to anyone, the documentaries were so good they put everything else in the shade.


To commemorate the World Design Capital year of Helsinki, we decided to award two Muoto awards (“Form”) as well to films that had embodied the cinematic form particularly well. The winners were decided by Kari Korkman and Mari Savio.


The jury of five picked the winner for each category after a thorough conversation. The choice was hard because there were great differences between the works. Kari Korkman and Mari Savio also discussed their choices for the Muoto award winners together, the jury was not involved.





Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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