AFF 2012: media visibility and advertising

AFF media team worked hard to inform the public, press and other interested parties about the festival. Some goals were achieved, others not, and there was some unused potential because of there being too little time.


The media team used the Internet a lot: social media and the website in particular to communicate directly with the public. Because one month is, in most cases, too short period of time to develop co-operation with most of the print media and tv, their role in the AFF publicity campaign was very small. There were, however, a number of online publications that took up the AFF bulletins and followed the festival closely.

So. First the successes. AFF gained many new followers in Facebook and Twitter. During the festival we had our 500th follower on Facebook. Local interest was piqued after the local magazine Kuohu published a film-themed issue that featured AFF prominently. The media team was also happy to see so many references in the and film magazine Episodi’s websites.


There were no big, dramatic failures. The most prominent challenges were posed by the tight schedule we had to work with. As said, one month is not enough to start co-operation with print media or tv.


AFF is a growing festival and it’s reasonable to assume the media strategy will change considerably over the following years. The biggest issues to solve have to do with the schedule (campaigning for publicity should start before summer holidays) and there should be more co-operation from the publicity point of view with different partners and sponsors.




Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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