Abundance of artists

“By the truckload,” sighs Taneli the producer. He’s talking about artists willing to feature in the festival. Arabia Street Festival is popular amongst potential performers. There are jazz dancers, rappers, mini installations and performances. Tens of good street musicians and bands. By the truckload, indeed.


Some of the artists have found the festival through the artist invitation on our website, others are familiar faces from previous years. The word of mouth at work.

Dance performances were delegated to a volunteer who knows about the dance scene but she had to leave the project before the finishing touches had been added because of her doctoral dissertation. D’oh. Who could we find to finish this?

Luckily enough, Taneli is still on top of everything related to the scheduled programme on the festival music stages. Then there are a bunch of performers who can embrace the street of the street art and perform anywhere on the festival area.


Publicity-wise, the situation got a bit irritating. Some of the artists had filled in the form on the website and their info could be easily transferred to the website. Other artists have their info somewhere in the bowels of somebody’s inbox: “Yeah, well I’ve only been talking to Taneli about this, okay.” Some write profusely. Graffiti blokes send us three word summaries. Professional photos, hipstaprints, logos, home album stuff. The artist section of the website is beginning to look rather confusing.


It seems that our options are to either send a nagging email that reminds everyone of the form and the guidelines for pictures or then we just let it be. I don’t want to nag, you can control chaos.


Be that as it may, having an abundance of artists is a positive problem. It means we’re doing the right thing. The capital region and all of Finland seems to be full of great artists, street musicians and bands who want to perform. For free. Just for the joy of someone seeing or hearing, finding inspiration, thinking, smiling, waking up.





Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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