About volunteering in AFF and in general

All who are part of making AFF happen are more or less voluntarily involved. All have come along because they want to. Even though most of us working on AFF are as dedicated to it as if it was an actual paid job, it still is ”only” a volunteer project.

The concepts of responsibility and duty can be tricky in a volunteer project. It is easy to give responsibilities to all who are eager and active in the process but at the same time it is difficult to oblige them to work along and do their share when the only reward is the experience and possibly good spirit. Therefore, committing people in the project is based on their own desire to be involved.
To secure the event organizing and smooth running of things it would be important that even the most active volunteers would have “a deputy”, someone who knows what are the person’s responsibilities and what has already been done. Burden-sharing could also serve as an incentive element, as it can lower the threshold to join in the project.

A good example of sharing the responsibility is the 2012 publicist team, where everyone had their own clear tasks, but the others were all the time aware of who is doing what, and if necessary, then were able to take over a task in hand, and each team member was able to easily ask for advice from others since all knew what was going on.

It is precisely because of voluntariness, those involved tend to take it more passionately than regular work. Positive about this passion is that the quest for the best possible outcome is at its peak and all are involved with their hearts not for the pay check. The negative side is that all are involved with their hearts and everyone has their own vision of what the end result should be. Although there has been problematic drop-outs in AFF history also, we in the publicist team did not have to experience any during the 2012 festival.


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