About publicists’ team for AFF

The publicists’ team or publicity team for AFF2012 was formed in August 2012, only about a month before the festival weekend. Throwing three people who don’t know each other and come from totally different backgrounds into the same broom closet to share one task is usually not the best idea when it comes to HR strategies. Especially if you expect immediate results that are something else than casualties.

Luckily they had thought about this when recruiting the publicists and the tasks were dealt between the three of us very painlessly. Still weeks after the festival I’ve heard people wondering who fast we were able to form a nearly seamless team. About how the recruiting process went on or what they were thinking when choosing us for the task I cannot tell about but I try briefly to shed some light on how our team worked.

We had only a couple of days time to get to know each other, to know the strengths and weaknesses of each team member and to get things rolling. The first thing we did was a split to three on all possible aspects of marketing and communication and also other things to remember based on lists already existing or created for us. After the first week, after we had learned a lot about AFF and all the basic things like how to update the web pages and so on, the division between the three of us shifted depending on what each of us were interested in the most. Despite our share we did a lot of things together; for example we edited most texts together and went to meetings together. Also in the future the tasks connected to communications and marketing should be divided to a pair or small team to lighten the workload and getting better results.

For the coming years, the most important thing to develop is time consumption. Because the publicists’ team worked really well together, the only thing we really would have needed was more time and the results could have been amazing instead of just good.


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