About AFF2012 competition series

Competition series in AFF has been divided into four groups: under and over 30 minute fiction and under and over 30 minute documentary. The only major rule all of the entries have to fill is a connection to Artova area. It can be a filming location, location of the film company, location of film school, film makers home or basically anything that can prove a proper connection. Both 2011 and this year AFF received approximately 100 entries for the competition.

After the registration time had ended in the spring, all of the films were watched through by a varying group of Artova members and other interested. Their comments and points then were added together to choose those films that progressed to the festival and actual competition series.

This year’s magnificent trio who formed the jury was lead by Mari and Azar who are also behind Artova Kino. The three judges were Olli Sulopuisto, Sami Sänpäkkilä and Reetta Aalto. They awarded the winners and the honorary mentioned under 30 minute fictions and documentaries and the over 20 minute film that this year was a documentary. They chose not to award a long fiction since the documentaries were so outstanding.

In addition, since 2012 was the World Design Capital year in Helsinki, it was agreed to present also a Form-award for best documentary and fiction. Those winners were chosen by Mari Savio and Kari Korkman. The Form-awards were given to films that best represented and illustrated cinematic form.

The competition series jury chose the winners in a meeting, after a long and profound discussion. Due to the huge variety the films represented it was difficult to put the in an order of superiority. The Form-award judges were allowed to communicate to each other but the jury or its leaders did not influence their decisions.


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