A meeting with local architects

SketchJust as it was starting to feel like the planning of Design Dog Park was at a stand-still, we were contacted by two local interior architects, Marika Häkkinen and Joonas Huhta, who wished to put their skills at our disposal.


Consequently, I organised a small free-form planning session at my home in Arabianranta. The pleasant architects took a seat on the carpet where there were, in addition to my dog, a few members of the Gmmal Dogs Association, who share an interest in planning the dogpark. We had a snack and discussed the functionality of the current dog parks that are planned with the “city’s official standardisation” in mind. We also talked about the most conspicuous shortcomings of dog parks. We pondered together what measures we should take in order to be able to plan a design-y dog park that the city would, standards or no standards, be willing and capable to erect.


The architects came up with best idea of the day
A popular idea was to make use of the topography of the site in a variety of ways to stimulate the dogs. The architects also suggested that the dog park use similar stone fences than those that can already be seen in the Arabianranta district. The architects’ sketches of possible ways to allocate space in the dog park coincided well with the city’s policy.


At the end of the session, we made some conceptual drawings of, for example, a tunnel for small dogs. Even when brainstorming, however, reality is only a step away, and at some point you need to confront it and start evaluating the ideas in the framework set by the financial resources at your disposal. We wanted to put off that phase for a while longer and decided not to leave out any propositions yet.


Based on our meeting, the architects promised to compose a more thorough presentation that would feature the most practical and realistic ideas from today.


This is great! Maybe there are angels after all?





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