70 metres wide and six metres high

Taneli did it again. A veritable feat. This time it’s about a wall. Iittala’s old paint warehouse, which is being assessed for condemnation, is right next to the festival area. Now it will be transformed into the canvas of the graffiti artist Otto Maja and the Nimi collective. The pallid yellow of the wall will turn into a giant mural! That’s insane!


“In the initial stages of the project, I had no idea I’d sit down with Iittala Group marketing crew and quote the district architect’s opinion of how tearing down the building would affect the city façade committee.”


That I can believe because the idea of painting the storage house came up when the project was already in full swing – it was the result of a few crazy suggestions people just put out there. “Why not,” we started to ask. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Taneli is a guy who has a cool-headed approach to challenges. That’s what he did now. “Step by step”, as he has stressed before.


However, having the wall is not enough, other costs come with it. We already had a sponsor agreement with Geezers concerning spray cans but now Taneli had to go and ask humbly for more. A giant mural is fortunately a big thing in graffiti circles, so big that Geezers was willing to support our cause and sell us the paints for zero profit. Yeah!


The wall is ridiculously big. 70 metres wide and six metres high. That’s something you can’t paint just by getting on tip-toes. So: enter Ramirent. Taneli was able to get two lifts for the painters. Ramirent gives us them for five days for free (we start painting the mural a few days before the festival). In return, Ramirent gets visibility, our gratitude and profuse praise.


So hooray for Taneli! Hooray for Ramirent! Hooray for Geezers! Hooray, Arabia Street Festival! Three hoorays for the “Why not?” attitude!






Translation by Pigasus Translations.

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